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Joanna Lafeber

05 - Mar - 2013

Elucidate your life.

Joanna Lafeber

Psychotherapy in London

Joanna Lafeber

Joanna Lafeber

Professional qualifications and experience

I am a Senior Accredited member of BACP
Member of BASRT, and UKRC registered

Diploma in Psychodynamic Marital and Couple Counselling
Diploma in Couple Psychosexual Therapy
Certified Counsellor - Relate

I have over twenty years practice as a psychotherapist and couple counsellor. I have worked at the London Marriage Guidance Council, Relate, and in private practice for the past eighteen years. During this time I have undertaken further study in Sexual Therapy and Eating disorders.

Before that I have also had experience in counselling in other parts of the world; Indonesia, Hong Kong, UAE, and Australia,

Contact me

To arrange a preliminary meeting with your local psychotherapist and couple counsellor in London , please feel free to call me, Joanna Lafeber I will respond as soon as possible.

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